"Discover the power of community engagement"


Having owned and managed a long-time successful traditional crowd funding platform, we understand the needs and challenges of each player in the crowd funding community. So we've customized a simple and novel crowd funding solution that addresses the needs of users and enhances community engagement directly on any website.



Our innovative Plug & Fund application enables websites to easily deploy a fully functioning customizable crowd funding platform offering users a venue for creativity and interaction by raising funds for various initiatives on your domain. This allows websites the opportunity to dramatically increase user value propositions, ensuring customer engagement and satisfaction while significantly increasing profits and traffic to their site.


The next frontier of crowd funding solutions, backed with the experience and dedication of entrepreneurs who live and breathe the business.


Arik (Brodach) Marmorstein
Arik is passionate about changing the landscape of crowdfunding. As a law graduate, Arik has important experience in Corporate and IT law.

Nadav Trenter Moser
Nadav's perfectionist determination has been a driving force in the development of the plug & fund platform. A Business graduate majoring in marketing & information systems, Nadav has extensive experience in internet-based business development and sales, as well as search engine optimization.

Omri Regev
14 years of Programing .NET, C#, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Photoshop and Illustrator skills. Omri has extensive and diverse experience in the tech industry, and previously served as a CTO in several startups

Shani Gad
Country Manager
Shani loves learning new stuff every day, as well as sharing the amazing knowledge that she has. Shani has extensive client services management & training experience which is the basis for all the stuff we do

Roger Lee
Head of Business Development
Roger has had previous start-up experience in the beverage industry. A very strong communicator and a relationship builder. Also fashion and tech savy.