5 reasons why every higher education institute should integrate its own white label crowdfunding platform

Apr 17, 2013

If you are reading this you probably know that crowdfunding is everywhere. Many businesses, individuals and organizations have already raised funds through more than 500 crowdfunding platforms around the world, and among them are many students. It is obvious now that crowdfunding is here to stay! And yet, we don’t see too many higher education institutes taking part in the crowdfunding phenomena. One of the most common arguments towards higher education institutes is that they don't give their students practical tools for their real professional life, and when they do, they are far behind. In this post I want to help higher education institutes understand the great benefits crowdfunding can provide, especially if it is part of the services students can get on their site.

Students can raise funds for their projects:
Just to give you a sense of the variety of potential projects available out there, think about fashion designers raising funds for their final projects, film students raising funds for their final films, business school students raising for the startups they are working on as part of the entrepreneurship course, and chemistry students for their new research. I could go on and on with almost any faculty and find the need. These students raise funds on different crowdfunding platforms. Why can't they do that on the University site?

Exposure to students and to the University:
Crowdfunding is all about exposure. People can see students' projects, share them on social media, and even get PR. For students who are looking for a job, this is a great tool to show their abilities and ambition, and for the University it is a great way to get free PR. Crowdfunding projects are stories, quality content which people like to read about and reporters like to write about. When writing about your students' projects, reporters simply cannot disconnect the campaign from the University and from its website.
Give potential students a glance:
When thinking of which University to go, you are looking for any piece of information that can help you make a good decision. Let's take Dan for example. Dan would like to go to the computer science faculty, but he is not sure to which University he should apply. On University X's site all he can see are some nice pictures of the smiling students, nice grass and trees, and a few impressive pictures of computers and formulas. However, Y University integrated its own crowdfunding platform on the computer science faculty's website, and Dan sees trendy, real projects students have done during their courses for which they are raising real money. Want to bet on which University Dan will choose?
Alumni can raise funds on the University website:
At the end of the day investors invest in people. It is well known that students are ranked based on the quality of their University when they go out into the real world. If your brand can help graduates find a job, it can also give your alumni an advantage in getting investments. Think about it - if you are an investor who would like to invest in people who graduated from University X, all you need to do is visit the University's crowdfunding site, easy!

Be innovative and creative:
What is left to say? You are an academic institute, lead the way!
As you can see, higher education institutes really can benefit from having their own branded crowdfunding platform embedded in their site. More people are exposed to their website, see the work they are doing with their students, and by the end of the day, it provides a fantastic service to their community.

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