Q: What does Mimoona do?
A: Mimoona enables any website (yes, yours too) to embed a fully functioning, customizable crowdfunding platform directly onto the site within minutes, giving users added value content while providing numerous benefits for the site. To sum it up, it's smarter crowdfunding.

Q: What is crowdfunding?
A: Crowdfunding allows people, corporations and organizations to raise funds for their initiatives by collecting small donations from numerous individuals to achieve their ultimate goal.

Q: Who are we?
A: You can meet us here

Q: Can I adjust the look & feel of my platform?
A: Sure! You can adjust the platform so it will meet your site's style. This way your users will feel "at home".

Q: How much time does it take to create a platform?
A: You can instantaneously create your own platform in a matter of minutes. After your account is verified with the payment processor you are ready to go

Q: Why would a fund seeker post a project on my website and not on traditional crowdfunding platforms?
A: Most traditional crowdfunding platforms require the fund seeker to jump through numerous marketing hoops in order to attract potential investors. With our revolutionary crowdfunding solution we ask: "Why bring people to your campaign when you can bring the campaign directly to a relevant, targeted audience?"

Q: I don’t have a website, can I get a stand alone crowdfunding platform?
A: Sure you can, contact us and we can set it up in no time!

Q: I don't like setup fees, do you have them?
A: Nobody likes setup fees, that's why we don't charge them.

Q: So, how much does your service cost?
A: It's free. From each successful crowdfunding project on your site we'll equally split a commission of 5-10% of the funds raised. No minimum fees, if you don’t see money we don't - it's as simple as that.

Q: What do I get from Mimoona?
A: You get a top notch crowdfunding product, with up-to-date features, hosting, and an experienced crowdfunding team which will assist and advise you along the way whenever you choose!

Q: Do I have to find a payment processor myself?
A: Nope, we've found one for you. All you need to do is open an account on Wepay in order to be able to receive your funds. For that you'll need to have a US social security number and a US bank account.

Q: Do you have account managing services?
A: Yes, let's talk!